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New Media Connection – NY Times

Use Twitter to Move the Markets

By David Carr

According to Carr, the cost of a post on twitter could vary depending on who creates the post.  If the infamous hedge fund manager Carl Icahn creates the post it could cost between $1-6 Billion dollars, due to the nature of his businesses dealings people pay attention to what he says and does.  There are some people that are considered to be shakers and movers, just by the stroke of a pen or the key stroke of the key board.  At the age of 77yrs Mr. Icahn is worth approximately 20 Billion, due to his ability to cause this type of “Influence”.

 Some would term say that he can shake the market just by making a post or 3 about apple or almost anything for that matter.  Back in August Icahn, made a post on twitter suggesting the he was going to purchase stoke and make demands for a certain type of payout to investors, within one hour, as a result of this post Apple’s stock jumped by 17 Billion dollars.  Recently, Icahn posted on twitter about having dinner with Apple CEO, he then suggested Apple takeout a loan to do a buyback.  Icahn continued this feed via the television on CNBC’s “Fast Money”.  The Billionaire would make no promises, only that he would not stop until they heard more from him.  By the close of business that day Apple capitalization had increased by 1 billion.  Icahn is considered an old dog that knows how to use new tricks.  He has succeeded in stirring the pot by using Twitter to make strategic posts.

 People and organizations make a point of paying attention to Icahn because if they don’t want to make the same mistake as those who don’t and end up going to demise “Motorola and Yahoo”.  Mr. Icahn knows how to play the media game, with the wielding of a key stroke he makes corporations and executives shake.  It is easy for him to spoke the companies that are in danger.  Carr stated that as a result of Icahn “having his hands on both the levers of social and legacy media, Mr. Icahn has been able to create, as Mr. Jobs was known to do, a kind of reality distortion field.”  Considering that it took Icahn three posts to help Apple gain approximately $18 Billion, no wonder, companies are envious of Twitter’s IPO. It looks like at the right fingertips, twitter can be a magical wealth powered by strong suggestions.

 This post shows the power of consumer advertisements.  In this instance one can say that Mr. Icahn is a consumer.  After all he is purchasing stock for a company and most people realize that Apple has money and knows how to make money.  So why does he need to tweet about his business purchases, most people would consider this private information.  It is obvious that he has the power and ability to influence, and is using twitter as another marketing vehicle.  As such this is similar to the reading due to the consumer being the marketer.  Yet in Mr. Icahn’s case he is not being taken advantage of.  He is using the system for his own benefit.  This situation with Twitter is important because, just as there were people in the great depression who listened to wealthy men and lost a great deal so it is today.  In fact one of the wealthiest men on the day the market crashed in the great depression, it was said that he made the most money that he had ever made.  The next thing is that as a result of Twitter having an IPO they are moving into the arena of being a capitalism vehicle.  As for Apple why not contribute to the free marketing.  It doesn’t cost them anything.

This is important to me because though I know the importance of having a market for economic sake, it bothers me that there are wealthy people that will use Twitter and other social media vehicles for their own profit.  With my modest business background this is a very sad but interesting trend to follow.  When one is wealthy it is a smart venture to take part in.

Using tweeter to move the Markets